solar fizibilite

How does solarVis do solar energy feasibility?

In this article, we will tell you how we calculate the return on your solar energy investment.

solarvis, Turkey is fully compatible with feasibility as self-consumption model legislation. The following steps are followed in the feasibility process:

  1. According to the invoice information entered by the user, invoice items are generated using various algorithms.
  2. The solar energy power that can be installed according to the area of the facility roof and legislation is determined.
  3. The solar potential of the location of the facility are determined.
  4. According to the location of the facility, the production to be made in case of a SPP is installed.
  5. Production and consumption values are processed according to the method named 5.1.c in the Turkish Unlicensed Electricity Generation Regulation and the invoice amounts to be formed after solar energy are deducted.
  6. Electricity prices in the future are predicted by artificial intelligence algorithms based on past prices.
  7. Average cost is calculated with the information shared by industry stakeholders.
  8. The payback period of the investment is calculated according to the invoice amounts in the coming years and the cost.
  9. Contribution to nature is calculated in line with the solarVis environmental policy.
  10. The results are shared with the investor.

PS: We update our feasibility results with the data we collect from the field. Depending on the project, the feasibility figures may change as a result of the analysis in the field. The feasibility of solarVis does not bind the investor and the Solar EPC Company.

Wish you sunny days!