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Our Solutions

With the different modules we offer, we are strengthening Solar EPC companies. Each module can communicate with each other as well as work independently.

Lead Generation & Digital Catalog Module

We provide a customized pre-feasibility infrastructure to Solar EPC companies that they can add to their websites. Firms create their own digital catalogs and offer insight to potential solar energy investors. By this way, the investor quickly can get an answer to the questions like “How much will my electricity bill be after the Solar Power Plant or how long is my depreciation period?” and proceed to the stage of getting an offer.

Solar CRM

With the CRM module specially designed for solar energy, EPC companies can quickly access the data of their potential customers who make feasibility or make requests via an easy interface. Quote processes can be easily managed through Solar CRM.

Feasibility Module Fully Compliant with Legislation

Solar EPC firms provide a feasibility report when creating a proposal. The customer conversion rate increases according to the quality of the feasibility report submitted. It is a challenge for every company to have a good grasp of the legislation and the details required for feasibility. It takes 1-2 hours for a company to prepare feasibility reports using traditional methods. This process increases time and man-hour costs. Thanks to the patented algorithms of the module that is self-consumption oriented and fully compliant with the legislation, detailed feasibility analysis can be performed and a feasibility report can be issued within 1 minute. In this way, it both accelerates and gives the company the freedom not to follow the legislation.

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